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Max March-Steinman (Bowties) and Prisma Blumenthal (Blue) make up the professional aerial duo described as “Poetry in Motion.” Pushing the boundaries of circus, their performances combine science and the arts, comedy and heartbreak, and power and flexibility to create pieces that make audiences laugh, cry, and hold their breath, often simultaneously.

Together, with a decade of circus experience both performing and coaching, they create singular experiences catered to their clientele.

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Featured Act

Jaw-dropping solo or duo acts where artists fly through the air performing spinning acrobatics while suspended by silks, straps, and other apparatuses. Theme can be romantic, dramatic, comedy, or whatever your event needs.

Ambient Performance

Stunning moving sculptures, an ambient performance has aerialists posing in the air, pouring drinks, and adding flair to an event. Artists will replace a chandelier and throughout their time on stage, will contort into impossible shapes.


For those who would like training in an aerial apparatus, please reach out directly to booking @
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While our price list is a helpful guideline, our services are offered on a sliding scale to accommodate the budgets of socially-minded organizations


“Bowties and Blue are making circus happen again in NY. They are beautifully trained, engaging to watch, and have the generosity of spirit and technical know-how that it takes to pass on their multiple skills to the next generation of performers.”

—Suzi Winson, Director of Circus Warehouse, NY (in repose)

“Bowties and Blue are a down-to-earth individuals despite spending most of their time in the air. Their creativity is fun, and they are approachable. Whether you want information on straps tricks or just want to make your life more circus-filled, they’re ones to follow.”

“Damn good coach; all of my questions, just BOOM!”

“Thanks so much for creating sliding scale resources! I’m currently out of work due to the pandemic so really appreciate the opportunity to continue training”

“Coming from a climbing background and moving into circus was made accessible and enlightening because of Blue and Max. I’ve learned so much, not only about the skills I’ve strived for, but also about the human body, the proper way to train for my body type, and how to train effectively both in and out of the circus space. Expect patience, insight, hard work , and passion from these two”

— Patrick Mrozek, Apprentice Student

“These are some of my favorite people/performers!”


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Long Island City, NY

Photos Courtesy of Chris Comfort, April Anderson, Tin Lazer, Sadie Brown

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