Our Mission

We are a duo who believes in accessibility

Our Mission

We are excited about expanding the definition of “where circus artists come from” and have developed a scientific, progressive approach to training to make an introduction to circus arts as accessible as possible. Our practices allow people to experience and explore circus without barriers; whether financial, social, or physical. Our services began to be offered on a sliding scale over the pandemic and will continue to be as the world reopens. Our passion is in the joy of others as they reach their goals or experience the novel.

Our Actions

We are inspired by education initiatives and microgrant programs of CSAW, The Bindlestiff Family Circus, The Uncle Junior Project, and American Youth Circus Organization and hope to emulate what they do well. In addition, we are committed to donating 10% of our profits to these organizations in order to invest in the next generation of circus artists. It is our hope that the circus community will live up to it’s reputation as a safe, nurturing, and welcoming environment to all.

Apprenticeship Program

Pictured: Apprentice Patrick Mrozek

We are proud to offer an apprenticeship program for aspiring circus artists in New York City. Open to circus students under the age of 21 and older artists from nontraditional disciplines (i.e. athletes, breakers, climbers, martial artists, etc who would like to explore the circus arts), this apprenticeship provides education, training, and a solid foundation to foster a sustainable career. The purpose of the program is to establish mentorship between new artists and seasoned professionals to guide informed career decisions.

Photos Courtesy of Chris Comfort, April Anderson, Tin Lazer, Sadie Brown

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